• home_automation

    Home Automation

    Home automation is generally defined as technology that gives you remote or automatic control of appliances and devices around your home. An automated home controls security, HVAC system, audio/video, lighting, and more. It offers the homeowner…

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  • Geoff's Home Theater

    Home Theater

    Located in NC, let us enhance your home and living experience with the best home theater system on the market! The home theater has come a long way in recent years. We enable you to have…

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  • lightingcontrol

    Lighting Control

    Located in North Carolina, we provide lighting control systems to help clients reduce energy costs in their homes. With soaring energy costs, a controllable lighting system is a smarter investment than ever. Lighting control is one…

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  • Media Server Pic

    Media Servers

    Have you ever wished that there was a way to put all of your media in one dedicated place so that you could access it from anywhere in your home?  Well thanks to Convergence Technologies, that…

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  • Staying Connected

    Keeping you connected to the ones you love, and the places you love.

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