Crestron Electronics


Crestron Electronics is the world’s leading provider of advanced control and automation products, including lighting, video and audio solutions, and is also a proud partner of North Carolina-based Convergence Technologies.

From its headquarters in New Jersey to its 90 offices around the world, Crestron Electronics is an end-to-end automated solutions provider, integrating audio and video distribution, security mechanisms and lighting controls into one complete system. Crestron Electronics connects various technologies together, simplifying the process through which consumers engage with their homes, offices and other facilities .

When consumers install a home automation solution from Crestron Electronics, they know that they are using a proven system that has been customized to whatever their needs may be. Whether you’re in your house watching a movie or turning on an alarm system, in your office making a presentation or monitoring your energy costs, or entertaining guests with music aboard your yacht, Crestron Electronics has a solution that will simplify the process.

Crestron Electronics offers a three-year warranty on most of its products as long as they are integrated by a certified installer. Since Convergence Technologies has achieved this classification, homeowners know that all of our installations are backed by the Crestron warranty.

With more than 40 years of experience in the automation industry, Crestron Electronics is a trusted innovator that helps users to stay connected, no matter what their needs may be. The company has experience providing solutions to several industries, including:

Houses of Worship
Luxury Transportation
Crestron Sonnex

One example of Crestron Electronics’ commitment to high-quality products is its full line of multiroom audio distribution solutions, known as Sonnex. Crestron Sonnex features a high-powered amp, pre-amp, advanced DSP and a full 24×8 matrix switcher. Its superior sound quality and ability to generate customizable sound profiles makes Sonnex an ideal digital audio distribution solution for homes, but it is also trusted in many upscale restaurants, bars, nightclubs, hotels and banquet halls.

Crestron Sonnex systems can also integrate with Apple AirPlay and AirPort Express, allowing users to play music in any room through only their iPhone or iPad.

The Crestron Sonnex suite contains the following products:

SWAMP-24X8: Sonnex Multiroom Audio System
SWAMPE-8: Sonnex Multiroom Audio Expander, 8-Zone​
SWAMPE-4: Sonnex Multiroom Audio Expander, 4-Zone
SWE-8: Sonnex Multiroom Audio Expansion Switcher, 8-Zone
S-EXT1-S: Sonnex Link over Fiber Extender
SAT-70V/100V: Sonnex Output Transformers
What sets Crestron Electronics apart?

In addition to the Crestron warranty, the company is known for being more than just an automation systems vendor – it constantly surpasses and resets industry standards. Crestron Electronics boasts an advanced, state-of-the-art research and development facility, in addition to a worldwide customer service team with deep product knowledge, available to customers 24/7. Its these support structures that have contributed to the company’s reputation.

Convergence Technologies is a leading North Carolina home automation company

Once you’ve committed to a Crestron Electronics automation product, the next step is to find a certified installer to bring your concepts to reality. At Convergence Technologies, we’ve built a reputation for providing the highest-quality automation systems available on the market. We couple those products with a high aptitude for how they function and a commitment to ongoing service.

Our company has been built upon a promise to maximize the service we provide our customers, and we’re proud to say that from our headquarters in Graham, North Carolina, we have been able to respond to customer needs around the world in the same professional, prompt manner we did when we just launched.