Our History

Geoffrey Beale founded Convergence Technologies with the goal of “excellence in customer service above all else”… Through the years Beale has grown Convergence Technologies from a small company that only installed one system in its first year, to one with systems installed all over the United States and in other areas of the globe. The current owner, Joshua Huffman, has continued to build the company off the reputation established by Beale and his team over the years. Huffman’s goal is to continue to build a premier team of industry professionals and to drive innovation in the industry.

Convergence Technologies’ buying power and industry knowledge is unrivaled. Our team is comprised of the best installers, designers, programmers, engineers, and integrators in the industry. Our management team’s conservative approach and customer focused mentality has allowed us to grow into one of the most innovative companies in the industry.

Message from Joshua Huffman:

When I joined Convergence Technologies in 2009 our country was suffering through the worst part of what we now call the “Great Recession.” At this time I had hoped to pursue a career in investment banking as opposed to the integration and technology industry. When it was apparent that a job in the investment banking industry would not be available due to the economy I started looking at other options. I spoke with Geoffrey Beale about his company Convergence Technologies which lead to a job offer. Which eight years later lead to me being able to take over the company.

After joining Convergence I quickly realized the commitment to quality and customer service that existed. If a client called at 11pm their call was answered and their needs were met. It was through this commitment to service where I began to see the real value of the Convergence brand. What drives this value is my team. Without a team of professionals fostering this same commitment to service Convergence would not be the company that it is today.

At Convergence we want clients for life and strive to provide our clients with the best experiences possible.

Joshua Huffman President/Owner

Our Mission:

Our mission is to provide reliable solutions to homes and businesses that add value and convenience at a fair price. We achieve this through listening to our clients’ needs, offering best in class customer service, the most advanced technology solutions, and a highly trained and knowledgeable staff.