Smart Locks and Keyless Locks Are Opening Doors to the Smart Home

Six new keyless entry smart locks for your home’s security. With home security as the most powerful driver in the adoption of smart home systems, it’s no wonder that the world of smart locks is growing. First…

Automation As We Know It

Automation, as We Know it, is Changing  [by Heather L. Sidorowicz.] Smart Home…Automated Home…Tech Home… Up until recently these terms have been held for the rich and famous…the upper echelon. Combining audio, video, lights, HVAC, and shades…

Smartening Up Business and Homes in North Carolina

Right now there is a revolutionary changeover happening in business as well as home. The latest innovations in automation are being connected with today’s mobile phones, the internet, and much more. In North Carolina, things are…

The Holiday Benefits of Smart Home Controls

The holidays are a wonderful time for people of all backgrounds, as they bring together families, friends, and more to a joyous few months of celebration. With the season comes a great deal of issues, and…

Hackers pose risk to home automation systems

As home automation systems grow in popularity, owners should be concerned about their security from hackers.

What do I do with all my power cords?

As any technophile knows, keeping numerous power cords neat and tidy is one of the most obnoxious aspects of owning the latest and greatest technology.

The future of home automation lies in the garden

One company, Bitponics, is using home automation to revolutionize urban gardening.

Convergence Technologies Provides Convenience, Safety, and Energy Savings with their Home Automation Services

(Graham, NC) (June, 21, 2013) – Located in North Carolina, Convergence Technologies provides home automation systems for clients looking for easier control of their homes systems. Their award-winning Total Home Technology Solution eliminates the need to…

Tablet adoption will bolster home automation systems

Recent reports show that consumers are buying tablets at a rapid pace. This is good news for the complete home automation market.

New home automation systems ensure smart homes stay smart

More companies are realizing the potential that cloud computing has for their home automation systems.